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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/walk-and-draw-around-the-lake-sainte-helene-295569

Walk and draw around the lake Sainte-Hélène

Come to initiate yourself to nature sketch. Enjoy some advice from the randocroqueur to learn how to draw landscapes and put it in perspective.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/agathe-et-le-village-des-pierres-5823080

Agathe et le Village des Pierres

Agathe la jeune pierre, vous embarque dans sa quête : rencontrer la Pierre Hachée, héroïne des contes de son enfance. Lors d’une balade familiale vous découvrirez les particularités géologiques de la zone des Abymes,entre lacs vignes et blocs calcaires.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/une-annee-de-vigneron-4806005

Une année de vigneron

L'année du vigneron est une des 6 boucles thématiques qui parsème le chemin des vignes entre Chignin et Fréterive. Ce sentier vous expliquera le travail de la vigne au cours des saisons d'un vigneron d'aujourd'hui.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/sentier-du-joudron-549229

Sentier du Joudron

Learn about the working of iron in the Massif of Belledonne, by walking through this thematic path. Family and historical walk along the Joudron stream.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/the-quest-of-water-257342

The quest of water

A la conquête des droits d'eau is a real life board game with enigmas, challenges and negociations throughout the walk. The game lasts around 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will have to buy a bundle before (7 €) at the tourism centre or at the bakery La Grande aux Pains or at Le Coin de Savoie.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/butterflies-footpath-256062

Butterflies footpath

Walk between the vines and the dry fields to enjoy nature (butterflies, birds, etc) and some beautiful landscapes such as the Combe de Savoie, a vineyard facing the Alps. Start: hamlet of la Baraterie, in Cruet.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/the-wine-producing-slopes-of-st-jean-de-la-porte-126854

The Wine-Producing Slopes of St-Jean-de-la-Porte

This path rambles through the heart of the vineyards, which change colours with the seasons. Discover the history of these mountain grapevines and learn about the life of the men who work here.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/easy-going-walk-vineyard-hillsides-111660

Easy-going walk: Vineyard hillsides

A walk that offers lots of fun stops and unusual, unexpected places to contemplate this site where wine production is in full swing.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/archeology-school-677050

"Archeology school"

Come to the Tours de Montmayeur and learn the history of this medieval stronghold as an archaeologist. Family game, for children between 7 and 14, free. Villard-Sallet.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/round-around-the-trees-577711

Round around the trees

Valgelon-La Rochette
Come to discover the heritage of la Rochette throughout the trees and the seasons. You will see a huge variety of trees such as cedars, maples and many more !
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/sentier-decouverte-du-systeme-solaire-5003544

Sentier découverte du système solaire

La Table
Le sentier découverte du système solaire, vous mènera de panneaux en panneaux dans un voyage interplanétaire.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/easy-going-walk-lakeside-path-and-randocroquis-art-path-on-the-banks-of-the-coisetan-105423

Easy-going walk: Lakeside path and Randocroquis art path on the banks of the Coisétan

The Lac de Sainte Hélène is a protected natural space with unspoilt banks where you can admire its fauna and flora, the Arclusaz and the Granier. There is also the Randocroquis art path which is accessible to both novice and expert sketchers.
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 hello123 http://tourisme.coeurdesavoie.fr/noesit/!/fiche/comfort-walk-lake-of-carouge-853511

Comfort walk : Lake of Carouge

At the foot of the "Baages" mountains, Carouge'lake, laid out as a leisure base, is an ideal place for a walk of comfort accessible to everybody (strollers).
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