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The Lake of Sainte Hélène, a natural lake, fed by the Coisin river, is a preserved area where the banks remain wild. A path accessible to people with reduced mobility allows you to go around the lake away from the banks.

The lake is an ideal picnic spot for families. It is also the starting point for several hikes, in particular the thematic hike "rando'croquis" which will teach you along an 800 m route to "sketch" the landscapes or "Walk with Hyla" to learn the secrets of the lake and its history. Swimming is prohibited there.
This large lowland wetland is very rich in biodiversity. You will be able to find species that stop here during their migration, and others that live here all year round. It is one of the last living places in Savoie for the Green Tree Frog, a small, rare, very discreet frog. Beaver is also present nearby, and many herons nest on the island in the middle of the lake. In summer, you will surely have the chance to observe European bee-eaters, birds present only in the summer months.


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