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The Sardinian terminals of the Marches

Porte de Savoie

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The terminals established between 1672 and 1852 show the limits of what were two distinct states: Savoy and France. Local anecdotes rub shoulders with great history throughout the visit.

The town of Les Marches has been located since the Middle Ages on the border of the States of Dauphiné and Savoie, then of France and Savoie – Dauphiné being annexed in 1355 to the French kingdom.
The Treaty of Turin of March 24, 1760 confirms the course of the border between France and Savoy. Precise maps were drawn up by topographical engineers and boundary marking was set up in 1761. The Glandon stream
then constitutes the limit.
The annexation of Savoy to France in 1792 made boundary marking obsolete. Following the
attachment of Savoy to the Piedmontese State in 1815, the preserved boundaries were restored in 1825; if necessary, new terminals are put in place. They are cut in limestone according to precise standards: they bear the emblems of France (fleur de lys) and Savoy (cross inscribed in a circle 24 cm in diameter), the order number, the "vintage" (1822 or 1823); the direction of the border is indicated on the upper face of the bollard by a straight or angular line – if there is a change of direction. These indications can also be engraved on the rock.
A certain number of these terminals are preserved today on the territory of the
Steps. They are erected on the old route of the France / Savoie border, perpetuated by the departmental and municipal limits after the attachment of Savoie to France in 1860.
source : http://www.lesmarches.fr/cities/884/documents/awtthf8w6fv6n53.pdf

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