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About us

OUT is a sonic, theatrical and sensitive exploration of exclusion.

La Cie Frotter | Frapper explores a form of musical theater dedicated to the street and people on the street. Noémi Boutin invites the author and director Benjamin Groetzinger and the composer Timothée Quost to tell us about the void, the one we come close to when we are on the margins. The text draws its inspiration from encounters made in the street or within social structures with homeless people. The musical compositions are like crystal glasses placed on our eyes, they slightly blur our vision and avoid complacent voyeurism, while offering the beauty of a chamber music concert.
In OUT, nothing goes as planned. The world is unstable. A cyclist crashes into the piano, the stories come across unusual sounds, a cellist gives vent to her anger, the stage managers examine the asphalt, then the final summons forces the team to stop this “non-essential” fantasy.
Through a patchwork of explosive scenes, the performers, like sound archaeologists, allow us to listen to abandoned sounds and voices.
And finally, who is OUT? Them ? Or us who watch them.

  • Spoken languages French


  • Friday May 31 2024 from 18:30 p.m.

Contact & Access

Church Square
73800 Montmelian