Marching Books Festival

Porte de Savoie

About us

For more than 20 years, one of the major book events in Rhône-Alpes. Imagined in the town of Les Marches (now Porte-de-Savoie) near Chambéry, the Festival anchors its programming around societal issues.

A unique energy the last weekend of September:
- 15 conferences over 2 days
- a writers’ lounge
- a youth center with 28 activities, story readings and the presence of renowned illustrators
- 60 used books of all genres sold in our gigantic Book Exchange

A collective and democratic enthusiasm
- 170 volunteers mobilized to organize and welcome nearly 10 visitors
- Public partners and private sponsors committed throughout the year
- EcoFest labeling in a coherent approach to sustainable development
- Exceptional guests: 60 internationally renowned authors and illustrators present each year.
- Talent presenters and moderators this year: Albert BENLOULOU, Laurent DEFOURS, Denis LAFAY, Jean-Yves MAUGENDRE, Justine MURIDI, Céline PUFF-ARDICHVILI, Dorothée RETORNAZ, Eric ROUSSEAU, Mathieu SOUQUIERE and Françoise VERNET.

  • Spoken languages Français

Contact & Access

Montgrabelle Room
ZA Plan Cumin
530 Rue de la Jacquère
73800 Porte de Savoie


Weekly rates

  • Single price 5€

Discount of €2,50 at the Bourse aux Livres cash register from €20 purchase., Free for children under: 16 year(s)