Val Gelon GAEC

Chamoux sur Gelon


The Gaec du Val Gelon is a family sheep farm made up of around 650 ewes raised for meat and dairy products. You can enjoy Gaec farm products directly at the shop located in the center of the village of Chamoux.

The farm was created in the early 80s, with a herd of Thônes and Marthod ewes. Over the years, the activity has grown and the meat is sold to local butchers and individuals. Today a herd of 500 ewes (Lacaune breed) has taken the place: all are milked for cheese making. The sheep are divided into 3 birthing batches to have cheese all year round (and yes, a sheep only produces milk for 6 months from the birth of its lamb. The lambs are sold. Transhumance takes place from June 1 on the Arbaretan mountain pasture in Saint Alban d'Hurtières, until approximately September 30. The herd is thus guarded by the shepherd and the Patou dogs. In winter, the animals are fed with fodder and cereals.

  • Spoken languages French

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    • Cheeses and dairy products
    • Meat and cold cuts

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La Bettaz
73390 Chamoux-sur-Gelon