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Geosite of the Bauges Geopark, Savoyarde is the first foothill of the Bauges massif. This mountain, which peaks at 1135 m, is so called because it presents the profile of a woman wearing the "border", a traditional Haute Tarentaise headdress.

The distorted rock of the eastern slope is as folded as a sheet, but it is limestone of Jurassic age (- 145 Ma). Above all, it testifies to the complexity of Alpine tectonics.

Ideally located, the slopes of the Savoyarde offer a beautiful setting for the vineyards of Chignin, Francin and Montmélian.
Due to its exposure, this sector benefits from a Mediterranean microclimate, warmer and sunnier than the Savoyard average. The presence of a few clues allows us to recognize these specific areas: almond trees, fig trees, cicadas, different Mediterranean plants and of course vines.
The soil of these hillsides is essentially composed of limestone rocks, of sedimentary origin. They are very suitable for vines because they provide good drainage and allow the roots to penetrate deeply. They give wines mineral, floral and fruity notes.

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