Literary season 2024: Meeting with Paul Saint Bris

Valgelon-La Rochette

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As part of the Facim Foundation's 2024 Literary Season, come meet the author Paul Saint Bris and enjoy a special time for discussion around his first novel "L'Allègement des Varnishes" (Philippe Rey, 2023).

Paul Saint Bris, aged thirty-nine, lives in Paris. “The Lightening of Varnishes” is his first novel.

Aurélien is director of the Paintings department at the Louvre. This nostalgic intellectual sees the museum as a refuge to protect himself from the noise of the world. But the new president, Daphné – an energetic woman of uninhibited pragmatism – and implacable marketing arguments immediately impose on her a mission as perilous as it is feared: the restoration of the Mona Lisa. Reluctantly, Aurélien sets out in search of a restorer daring enough to withstand the pressure and tackle the ultimate masterpiece. His quest takes him to Tuscany, where he finds Gaetano, an intense and free personality. Faced with Mona Lisa, the Italian will confront his own genius with that of Da Vinci, while humanity holds its breath...

This work has received numerous awards, including the Orange Book Prize.

  • Spoken languages Français


  • Thursday May 16 2024 from 18:30 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.

Sale of the author's books on site for signings.

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La Rochette Media Library - Cocoon space
Allée des Crickets
La Rochette
73110 Valgelon-La Rochette