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    Our services make every effort to provide visitors to this website with reliable and verified information. However, despite all the care taken, the site may contain inaccuracies, lack of updates or errors.

    Some content displayed on our websites is extracted from a database, called Apidae, whose information is shared between several users. The contents (photos, texts, practical information) of this database are integrated by the inputter under his sole responsibility. 
    We thank the users of the site for informing us of any omissions, errors or corrections by email to the address j.hugot@coeurdesavoie.fr. The site editor reserves the right to correct, modify or delete the content at any time and without notice.

    The photos relating to the activities of the Cœur de Savoie Tourist and Leisure Office are obtained directly from activity providers/aggregators as part of the integration of their content.

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