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Atterrissage Valgelon-La Rochette

La Rochette
73110 Valgelon-La Rochette

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Site ffvl n°: 73A008B, Coordonnées GPS : 45°27’02’’N - 06°06’20’’E, altitude : 300 m


Observations / Dangers: The landing zone is not open as long as the hays are not cutted (4 weeks before beginning of June, until the haymaking).
More information on this following website : http://lestetrasduvolgelon.free.fr
The landing zone is not visible from take-off. Landing zone is the crossing of 2 small valleys.
Access / maps : 3433 OT - TOP 25 Allevard. Location : Chemin de la Plaine, take camping direction.

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Opening Period

Toute l'année : Attention l'attéro est fermé 2 semaines avant la récolte des foins.