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Historic site and monument

Forge des Allues

73250 Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny

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This former hydraulic forge and the two visible trip hammers reveal the pre-industrial past of the Massif des Bauges. Explore this heritage through the game 'La conquête des droits d'eau' (Conquest for the rights over the water).


The forge was built on the right bank of the diversion called Otton-le-Jeune, which reaches the Forge des Allues due to a largely open-topped, stone channel that passes along the houses of the hamlet.

Just before arriving at the forge, notice that the stone edges of this channel are carved in order to be used as a spillway. Along the final metres, the water flows down a metal channel, which divides in two: one stream powers the forge's turbines, whilst the other powers a hydraulic horn, which acts as bellows for the forge. Pieces of the channel are still visible, but the horn has since been dismantled.

Large glass windows have been installed to let the public see inside the building. The majority of the equipment and fittings are still visible, in particular the two trip hammers and their camshaft. These trip hammers still work, thanks to a vertical outdoor Canson turbine, which can still be seen along the north side of the building. A metal walkway has been built above the waterways so that visitors can get close to the wheel. The forge was also equipped with another, smaller Canson turbine, which powers different machines (sharpening stones, column drills etc.). In 2011, the tools in the forge were inventoried.

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