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Historic site and monument

Les Tours de Chignin

Mairie Chignin
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73800 Chignin

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Spread out among the vines of Chignin, strange, ivy-covered ruins attract attention of visitors...four towers are clearly visible. The square tower, known as the 'Tour de la Place', has just been secured, and is clearly visible from the road.


The other towers have collapsed, or have been turned into houses. Originally there were 7, even 10, and their history is uncertain: they could be the remains of a citadel built between the 8th and 11th century, maybe even the 13th century, as recent studies have suggested.
Covering 5 hectares, this citadel would have certainly been large for the period. Thanks to chronicles, we do know that a lord of Chignin ruled here from the 11th century, and that the Tour de Biguerne served as a château. Saint Anthelme (bishop) was born there in 1107, which is why the Pères Chartreux transformed it into an unusual chapel in the 1870s.

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